Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A lesson from a child

The Hamster, Cat, and Dog
 Written By: Elle, 9, Philippines

Elle's fable:

A timid hamster and a bossy cat lived together in a house. Everyday the cat chased and teased the hamster, saying, "Little hamster, you take such tiny steps and always hide from me! You’re a coward!"

The hamster didn’t like the way the cat treated him so he came up with a plan to make her stop.

The hamster asked his best friend, the neighbor's loud, loyal dog, to help him out. "Friend dog, please go to our garage and leave the rest to me."

"OK, friend hamster", said the dog.

The hamster went back in the house and said to the cat, "Cat, I saw some leftover fish in the garage from our owner’s dinner. Would you like some?" The cat quickly ran to the garage without a word of thanks.

When the cat got there, the big dog was waiting for her. "RUFF, RUFF, GROWL!" said the dog and he chased the cat around the garage.

The cat got scared and very mad. The cat realized how the little hamster felt so from then on she stopped chasing and teasing him.

Then the hamster and cat became friends!

The moral of the story: Don't be a bully because you won't like it either if someone bullies you.


Anonymous said...

just found your blog and followed you a while ago, your blog is cute.

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